What you'll learn:

In the ESRD Care Partners Skills training program, you'll cover topics such as;

  • How to support patients with end stage renal disease.

  • Importance of effective communication skills.

  • Having a relationship with the care team.

  • Medication management.

  • Why you should care for yourself while caring for your loved one and much more!

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Course curriculum

ESRD Care Partners Training – online is the only online training recognized by NKFI

  • 1

    About the Program

    • Why Should You Take This Program?

    • What Will You Learn?

    • How Will This Program Help You?

  • 2

    Module 2: About ESRD Care Partners

    • A Diagnosis

    • About New ESRD Care Partners

    • The Importance of Communication

    • Skills You Might Need

    • Finding Support for You and Your Loved One

  • 3

    Module 3: Steps for New ESRD Care Partners

    • About New Care Partners

  • 4

    Module 4: About Care Recipients

    • Kidney Patients Supporting Care Partners

  • 5

    Module 8: About Care Partners

    • Important Questions to Ask Care Recipients

  • 6

    Module 9: Resources

    • Resources

Learn How to Provide Care for Someone with ESRD

Learn the skills necessary to confidently provide personalized care to a family member or others in your care. ESRD Care Partner Training can help you learn to become a more effective care provider. Our online program makes it easy to learn on-the-go, between work, caring for your family, and all of your other important commitments.